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Alan G. Fincham

• Alan is a (retired) Research Professor from the University of Southern California (School of Dentistry).

• He has interests in Caving (speleology), Stamps (philately), Wild flowers (botany), Education (medical/dental) and Biochemistry (dental enamel proteins).

• He has lived and worked in Great Britain, Jamaica and the United States (Washington DC and Los Angeles).

• He is now lives in Cyprus in the eastern Mediterannean.


Atomic-force micrograph of amelogenin protein

self-assembled into ~20nm diameter "nanospheres" which control the

organized mineralization of dental enamel.

 Cyprus Wild Flowers

Gladiolus triphyllus - a Cyprus endemic species.

 Caves - mostly Jamaican

In Riverhead Cave - St. Catherine

 Education - Problem-Based Learning in Dental Education

  • Stamps - An on-line Index of Jamaican Postmarks



  Email: agfincham@googlemail.com

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