Alan is a (retired) caver with special interests in the caves of Jamaica.

Jamaica Caver Retired - 2005

He was active in caving groups in the U.K., Jamaica and in the U.S.A. from about 1947 until he retired from active caving in 1997 - 50 years underground!

These days he lives in Cyprus, photographs the wild flowers and works on a database of Jamaican postmarks ("Postal History").

He can be contacted at:

Originally caving in the Mendip Hills (UK) in the 1940s and 50s, Alan was a founder of the Leeds University Speleological Association (ULSA) and also caved and explored with the Wessex Cave Club, The Bristol Exploration Club and The Northern Pennine Club. In the U.S.A. he caved and excavated with members of the DC Grotto of the N.S.S..

Major explorations in the U.K. included: Magnetometer Pot, PegLeg Pot, Hammer Pot (2 articles) and Thackthwaite Beck Cave in Yorkshire, together with many minor sites in Mendip, Greece, and Ireland and numerous explorations in Jamaica.

He is a Past President of the University of Leeds Speleological Association (ULSA) and of the Jamaica Caving Club (JCC).

He has interests in general speleology, cave mapping, karst landforms, hydrology and archeology.

Relevant publications:

A new, revised, edition of the 1977 publication; Jamaica Underground was published by the University of the West Indies Press in 1997.

See: Jamaica Underground, the Caves, Sinkholes and Underground Rivers of the Island (1997) (2nd Edition) 447pp, maps and photos.