The pictographs cover the surfaces of two adjacent rock-faces of a westerly facing wall at the base of a 20 metre deep vertical pit entrance. At this time some 40-50 images have been identified, although in many cases it appears that some superimpositions have occurred making individual distinctions between images difficult. Generally the pictographs are executed in a red ochre and/or a blackish pigment (possibly charcoal-based). Most are fairly small in extent, each covering some 100 to 150 cm2 of rock surface. A general view of the "central panel" is provided below.

In this presentation no attempt is made to "interpret" the cultural or mystical significance of these images, and indeed this may well be largely impossible! However, in some cases, scrutiny of the numerous images has led to a reasonable interpretation of the likely subject depicted. Based on this analysis a speculative classification of 45 of the clearer of the images is provided below.

More detailed information on Jamaican caves can be found here.


Distribution of Pictograph Types

Image Type
Number (%)
18 (40)
7 (15)
8 (18)
13 (27)

A General view of the Pictograph Gallery