Cyprus Flowers - A Brief Bibliography
Blamey M & Grey-Wilson C. Mediterranean Wild Flowers, Harper-Collins, London, 1993. (Second edition 1998 560pp.).
A very useful illustrated volume. Not always accurate regarding species found in Cyprus however!


• Christofides Y. The Orchids of Cyprus. Privately published, Plares, Cyprus. 2001. 147 pp.

An excellent specialized guide illustrated throughout by the author's photographs.

• Efthimiou, ME. Plants of Cyprus. Walking around Cape Greco. Chr. Andreou Publications, 2001. 413pp. (ISBN 9963-7926-3-4).

An impressive illustrated volume describing 404 species of plants using detailed colour photographs. Excellent!

• Meikle, R.D. Flora of Cyprus. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. U.K.

The definitive academic flora of Cyprus in two volumes (1978 and 1985). Limited illustrations and a "heavy" technical descriptive terminology make these volumes difficult for the non-botanist. A critical flora nevertheless!


• Polunin O & Huxley A. Flowers of the Mediterranean. Chatto & Windus, London, 1956. (Third edition 1987 260pp).

A valuable general reference containing 311 excellent colour photographs together with 122 line illustrations.


 • Sfkas, G. Wild Flowers of Cyprus. Efstathiadis Group S.A., Athens 1992. 320 pp.

A selection of useful photographic illustrations, but limited in coverage.


• Sinclair V. The Floral Charm of Cyprus. Interworld Publications, New Barnet, U.K.. 1992 (Reprinted 1998). 207 pp.

A somewhat "folksy" publication illustrated with photographs and watercolours. Organized by the month of flowering. Much interesting local information on locations and traditional uses.


• Tsintides TC & Kourtellarides LK. The Endemic Plants of Cyprus. Bank of Cyprus Group (Cyprus Association of Professional Foresters), 1998, 123 pp. Illustrated.

An excellent volume of beautiful photographs and water colour illustrations covering almost all of the known endemic species. Highly recommended.


 • Viney, D.E. An Illustrated Flora of North Cyprus. Koeltz Scientific Books, Koenigstein, Germany 1994. 697 pp.

While this work only refers to "North Cyprus" the plants illustrated by line drawings comprise some 77% of the Cypriot flora. A very useful volume when used in conjunction with Meikle.


 • Viney, D.E. An Illustrated Flora of North Cyprus. (Volume 2: Sedges, Grasses and Ferns.) A.R.G. Gantner Verlag K.-G. Vaduz/Liechtenstein. 1996. 167pp.

An excellent companion to the inital volume dealing with these more "difficult" plants, listing 167 species, some of them illustrated for the first time. Also included is a supplement illustrating 8 species which were not included in volume one,