Jamaican "Killer" Obliterator Postmarks
Styles H - P

Style H.

These dies came into use in March 1859 at offices across the island. The die is distinguished from the later forms by the thin horizontal bars and vertical arcs. 81 cancels of this style are known.

Style J.

This die was used at the following three offices: Mile Gully (A54), Bluefields (A58) and Richmond (A79). Larger and rounder than Style H with thick horizontal bars.

Style K.

Style K was used at eight offices: Montego Bay (A56), Balaclava (A79), Mount Charles (A80), Hagley Gap (A80), Pedro (A81), Newmarket (E06), Lacovia (E30) and Little River (E58). It is clearly distinguished by the vertical oval form.


Style L.

Style L was used at only two offices: Dry Harbour (A36) and Savannah-la-Mar (A75). It is similar to Style H, but slightly smaller and with thicker side arcs.

Style M.

Style M is distinguished from all others by the presence of full stops after the letter and the numeral. It was used at four offices: Annotto Bay (A28), Ocho Rios (A60), Middle Quarters (A82) and Trinityville (A83).

Style N.

Similar to Style M, a small neat cancel without stops. Used only at Falmouth (A38) and Up Park Camp (A38).

Style O.

Used at 24 offices with letters "F", "G" or with numerals only. (However, an "A76" cancel of Style O was in use in Spanish Town from 1874 to 1892 as a replacement for the "A76" Style H die.

Style P.

This style with triple side arcs is only known for the single letter dies (A - E) for which the locations of use of dies C, D and E are unknown.