Background. This site is a work in progress directed to creating a record of the postal markings of the island of Jamaica and is administered by Alan Fincham (agfincham@googlemail.com). The bulk of the text and detail presented is derived directly from the seminal work of Ian Potter; The Postal Markings of Jamaica. [Potter IA (Ed.). 1996] with updated information where available (e.g. Proud, 2004 [1])*. The information is held in a Filemaker Pro™ database which has been used to generate and present the various sorted tables.

Jamaica was the first British colonial territory to establish a postal service (in 1688) and with the existence of numerous small villages and settlements, connected by a complex road network, over 4,000 postal cancellations representing some 900+ postal agencies, offices and services are currently known.

The support and collaboration of members of the British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group (BCPSG) and the BWISC Jamaica Study Group, is gratefully acknowledged. It is recognized that much information presented here may be incomplete and/or out of date. Persons with new material and information to contribute to this work should contact Alan. (agfincham@googlemail.com) All assistance is appreciated!

Current status of this site:

4,255 postmarks are listed representing 926 agencies and offices. 1613 marks (37.9%) are currently illustrated by scanned/enhanced images.

Index of Post Offices and Postal Agencies

Listings of Offices sorted by Parish

Listing of Numerical ("Killer") Postmarks

Listing of "Squared-Circle" Postmarks

Listing of early "Single Ring" Postmarks

Listings of "Double Ring" Postmarks

Listing of "Birmingham-Style" Postmarks

Listing of "Modern Single Ring (MSR)" Postmarks

Listing of "Temporary Rubber Date-Stamps" TRD Postmarks

Listing of Manuscript Cancellations

Listing of Railway Office Cancellations

Listing of REGISTERED oval postmarks

Adhesive Registration Labels

Listing of new Earliest Known Dates (EKD's)

Listing of new Latest Known Dates (LKD's)

Listings of office opening and closure dates

Street Letter Box cancellations

Listing of numbers of known cancellation dies per office

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These pages last updated: April 14th. 2013

* Notes:

• Those postmark images reproduced from Proud [1] are with permission, copyright being reserved.

• Where "Years in use" data are given, these are computed from the known EKD/LKD dates.

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