Listings of Jamaican Post Offices/ Agencies

Sorted by Parish

[Officename/Status/Grid refs/Date opened/Years since]

Clarendon (107 locations)

Hanover (43 locations)

Kingston (36 locations)

Manchester (74 locations)

Portland (57 locations)

St. Andrew (77 locations)

St. Ann (77 locations)

St. Catherine (100 locations)

St. Elizabeth (81 locations)

St. James (54 locations)

St. Mary (69 locations)

St. Thomas (47 locations)

Trelawny (43 locations)

Westmoreland (56 locations)

 • The item "Years since opened" category is dated to December 2002 and is often approximate depending on the certainty of the date of opening.

• The category "Status" of the offices is somewhat unclear. Ian Potter notes: Offices marked as "Post Office" are staffed by the employees of the Jamaica Post Office. Whereas the ones marked "Postal Agency" are staffed by contractors to the Post Office and are often in shops hotels and the like. In the 1940s & 50s they were graded according to the facilities they contained such as telephones, telegraphs etc..