It is now widely reported that the Jamaican Government has (or is in the process of) granting prospecting and mining licences to bauxite mining companies in the unique karst forest areas of The Cockpit Country.


The Cockpit Country is an irreplaceable region of limestone forest supporting a unique flora and fauna. In addition, and importantly, it is the major aquifer for rivers rising and flowing both to the north and southern coasts of the island. These rivers are associated with extensive cave systems which would also be lost or damaged by the proposed mining activities. In many cases knowledge of the underground connections of these river caves is fragmentary, thus making the impacts of mining activities on regional water supplies problematic.


Every effort should be made to prevent the development of mining in this delicate and unique Jamaican forest region.


Alan G. Fincham, Ph.D.

Author: "Jamaica Underground. The Caves Sinkholes and Underground Rivers of the Island"


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